We tech-enable utility businesses.

ELDO has built tools and software platforms that aid and enable operational scale, efficiencies and leading customer experiences for Utilities, Energy Retailers, DSOs, DNOs, Municipalities and Renewable Generators.

What we offer.

ELDO Headend System.

An open approach to reading meters & retrieving utility data.

Interoperability is one of the biggest challenges in a dynamic and growing utility with many OEM hardware, communications and 3rd party software vendors. ELDO takes care of all that - we integrate, migrate and operate most leading hardware and communication protocols via our open platform Headend System (HES). We currently handle over 40 protocols and continue to add new protocols on a regular basis. As your utility system and landscape changes, so does your HES.

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A database structure to validate and store all related smart meter data.

The vast amount of data that you retrieve from your smart meter devices and other connected assets needs to be validated, sorted and stored in a safe and scalable environment. This is where the Meter Data Management System (MDMS) comes in.

When integrated with a Headend System or other data sources, ELDO MDMS ensure that each data set it complete and matches to the correct account information, making a traditional process a lot more streamlined. This ensures that the data is now ready for interpretation and further analytics further up in ELDO’s stack and broader technology offering.

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A data lake that unlocks powerful data aggregation and enables data analytics of utility smart meter data

Big data in utilities creates powerful opportunities, but to unlock this, a data lake is required. Having data at our fingertips is one thing. Accessing, aggregating, formatting and visualising it efficiently is another. With all the data that passes through from Meter Data Management System (MDMS) on a half hourly basis, pulling this data becomes a time-consuming task. 

And that’s where Moogle comes in. Moogol is ELDO’s data lake that sits as a layer above our MDMS, constantly pulling raw data sorting and storing it, ready for anytime access. This data lake is our key to unlocking sophisticated and efficient reporting tools across meter data and solar PV reporting.

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Introducing digital payments & collections from pre-payment & post-payment customers.

Dynamic tariff charges, embedded generation, energy storage and demand response related activities are changing the way utilities behave and charge their customers. Traditional collection systems or prepaid token vending platforms are technology from the past - ELDO has built a ground up digital payments platform using an eWallet notion that enables all customer types to pay from their utilities.

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Billing System.

Dynamic platform of generate rated billing data and files to issue utility grade bills to all customer-types.

The key to successful billing is to sort and validate the meter data to ensure that your customers utility bills are accurate and delivered on time. ELDO’s dynamic tariff engine applies each tariff charge accurately and transparently so that your clients know exactly what they are being charged for.

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Network Operations Centre.

A data lake that unlocks powerful data aggregation & enables data analytics of utility smart meter data.

With advent of digitising of our networks drastically increasing data volumes, the Network Operations Centre (NOC) will be at the centre of this tsunami of this new data. The right business-led development of dashboards, visualizations and workflow management will be at the heart of helping make sense of this new world and in efficiently running operations, maintenance, and issue management. ELDO core business of operating as a Digital Utility has led to the creation of the central nervous system to our operation, the ELDO NOC - and we are now enabling other utilities and related stakeholders to take advantage of this powerful  module to round off any smart utility software stack.ELDO’s NOC is a key business capability that enables utilities, municipalities, generators and energy retailers to manage and understand the smart data to then drive the right decisions and outcomes. Our NOC can enable the following for your utility operations:A dashboard platform to aggregated and visualize the entire utility value chain from deployment to in field maintenance, billing, collections, operations and customer support

  • Act as the “operational backbone” to identify ‘failing/hot areas’ that require support in unblocking barriers to performance and operation smart issues.
  • Provide Reporting, Insights and Analytics capability to understand and anticipate current and future performance.
  • Provide an evolving, value driven deployment operation with the capability to support the effective execution and performance of the smart metering deployment.
  • Provide more efficient and effective operational processes, controls and decision making through automation.
  • Be designed and geared up to manage scale, different services, clients, and portfolios.
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A reporting engine that enables custom & user friendly PDF bills, reports & customer engagement content.

Traditionally, a utility bill is the most common form of a report we receive for our electricity, water and gas consumption. But, with the digital revolution of our utility networks, there is tons more data that can be meaningful to everyone, from end consumers, utilities and network operators.

Raptor takes various data points, from traditional to metadata such as weather data, and provides an insanely powerful way to get more value out of data - it can generate user friendly bills, network health, finance collection, energy management, ESG, carbon tax and solar performance reports to name a few. The best part is that Raptor can generate reports per account or across an aggregated portfolio

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A user-friendly tool for customers to manage their unit & cost consumption in real-time.

Utilities are complicated and billing and consumption data can be daunting for the end consumers. The ELDO app is a user friendly customer tool that empowers end customers to better understand their usage and billing compilation by break down each tariff and related charges.

It offers a number of powerful features such as unifying all customer utilities into 1 platform,  tracking of savings against baselines and integrated customer support ticketing. This enables trust between end consumers with their utility or service provider. Plus, it’s is an insanely great customer experience.

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Customer Relationship Management.

A utility-specific customer relationship module that enables the seamless operations & management of the customer-related user journey as part of the ongoing journey to delight customers.

At ELDO, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers - in fact, we see our relationships with our customers as partnerships! Each Business Partner and associated end user and / or customer has different needs which we have the ability to cater for. We believe that customer interaction is key to understanding any trends and satisfaction levels and as such, we have a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform  for our and our customer needs. Through our CRM model, we are able to manage campaigns, log and resolve tickets as well as manage our master data.

We have the ability to customise initiatives and produce reporting dashboards as well as in-depth analysis in order to identify trends and areas of improvement. Our CRM model is integrated into various areas of our Business to enable a single platform of interaction and engagement and acts as our platform (through various channels such as online, live chat, What's App, SMS, Phone calls and e-mails) to stay connected to our customers, streamline processes and improve profitability as well as implement and monitor SLA's and turnaround times to allow KPI's to be met.

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ELDO Flow.

A is a multi-featured mobile workforce solution for managing employees such as service & support technicians. Providing real-time interaction with your mobile field workers.

We use a leading cloud-based field service management solution aimed at managing real-time mobile employees such as technicians, inspectors, service-oriented employees and investigators. This solution delivers a complete, intuitive and affordable solution over the internet. We use our field app solution to handle everything from customer management to scheduling, workforce optimization, parts management, invoicing and real-time customer and customer portal access.

It allows a job to be created and be assigned to an available resource. The resource can record the time spent on-site, the details of the work performed, any parts or services rendered, from their mobile device. The sign-off form can be configured to require a client signature before closing the job. The information recorded is immediately available for invoicing by admin staff.

The field solution stack features contact management, scheduling and dispatch and works order management functionalities. It enables users to drag and drop jobs into employee schedules based on the location, qualification and availability of employees. The solution also provides dispatchers with a real-time view of their workers in the field.Users can customize reports to ensure employees in the field capture specific metrics and parameters about jobs and customers. Our solution also provides mobile applications for iOS and Android devices that helps field workers.

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ELDO Labs.

Our energy landscape is often lagging behind in terms of efficiencies and innovation. All this will change with the advent of data - this creates opportunities for new energy-tech platforms and startups. ELDO Labs assists startups and management teams to develop cutting edge and innovative solutions, providing guidance and support to get new products into the market. ELDO Labs has successful incubated and nurtured the following energy-tech platforms:

A consumer App Store for energy-tech apps with built in data privacy that manages the ownership of utility metering data amongst everyone. Trust that your data is always safe and even get paid for sharing data, putting the power back in consumers’ hands.

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A solar platform to empower solar rooftop providers, customers seeking solar and storage solutions, financiers offering project finance and technology OEMs in a balanced and holistic marketplace.

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