About ELDO.

Every month you receive a utility bill. But do you really know what makes up the amount that you pay to your municipality month after month? How can anyone trust something that isn’t being measured accurately? The utility sector is notorious for a lack of transparency, efficiency and shocking customer service. At ELDO we’re changing that for the better.

ELDO is a market-leading tech company that is transforming the utility sector by providing unrivalled solutions and services to utilities, network operators, service providers and end-consumers: both business and residential. Utilities don’t have to be boring and bills don’t need to be hard work - they should be accurate, easy to understand, and accessible at the push of a button: welcome to the Digital Utility.

We’re not just trying to make today less painful… we’re planning for tomorrow. We’ve talked to thousands of customers and taken the present and future challenges facing the utilities industry head on to build the digital architecture for the next decade, and beyond. We’ve examined the full value chain, from generation to the end-consumers.

At the heart of everything we do are our customers. We believe in outrageously good data, a superior customer experience, and providing the technical expertise to our customers to support their adoption of the smartest technology. Because in the end, utilities are quite boring. Let us make utilities simple for you.